City after war

This is definitely a must read because the scenario could well turn out to be more than fiction. It was very thought provoking as well as being written in a way that made it a book you just couldn’t put down.

While the characters & story line are engaging this is really a vehicle to carry the scientific facts about the devastation of climate change. If even half of what is portrayed is true we need to take action. I wish we had a Philippa & President Marshall here, now.

A really good and well written story, great characters. Highly recommended. I will be buying Ian’s next book.

This book introduced the far reaching environmental ramifications of deforestation as well as greed and political self interests. It was very educational and made me considerable conservation practice. The story line kept me engaged. It was clean without gross sex scenes blood and Gore language nor vulgar .
I am going to read an earlier book he wrote now.

May I recommend this Novel, as historical fiction or even scary futuristic fiction, about climate change. “A Question of Survival’ by Kenyan author Ian McKenzie-Vincent. It’s the many solutions mentioned that got my attention. I’m half way through and totally absorbed with the characters & story. Big lead part in this for Leonardo Dicaprio

This was a real edge of your seat thriller.