Flying awayGot back from a driving vacation to Modesto and Albuquerque with Ian McKenzie-Vincent’s book, To The Mara With Love, had arrived – so I checked it out!

It immediately pulled me in with non-stop action and intrigue, and is brilliantly written. To The Mara With Love explains the elephant, rhino, and hippo poaching situation by traveling with two groups of poachers, photo safari guides, and several other groups as they all cross each other’s paths in the Mara game reserve. The plot is wonderfully intricate!

Ian lives near the reserve and speaks with passion and authority about the stark dangers in the forest and savannah terrain.

Reading To The Mara With Love, is like watching a terribly exciting, really well done action miniseries, and I never wanted to put it down, start to finish! NOW he has a new book coming out, too.

R. McWayne, Washington, United States

Hi Ian
Hope this review is helpful and look forward to reading your next two books in the series.
Much Love
Shirley xx
Having lived in the Masai Mara in Kenya, I have waited for this book “To the Mara with Love” to be published in the hopes that it would highlight both the problems and the beauty of this wonderful place.  I was not disappointed. Ian has captured perfectly the battle that is being fought to protect both the Elephants and Rhino from poachers hell bent on securing the tusks and horns from these magnificent animals in the most brutal ways.  Whilst the profits from Ivory are enormous for these people, thankfully they don’t always win. Poachers fights, helicopter tracking and a love affair all add to the content and excitement of this story. I can’t wait to see what Ian has in store for us in the next two books in this series.
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Ian Hi,

I have just finished “To The Mara With Love” and I must tell you of the excellence of your words, your knowledge of all around you.

I enjoyed it very much because it was easy reading, accurate and very exciting

This is a very beautiful story and I heartily congratulate you. I have few words to show my appreciation.

All I can think of are the late Jan Hemsing’s words when she once told me that you were an extremely talented writer.

However, I think the badly printed cover will let you down. In addition, the cover advert showing it is a school reading book is a put-off, it’s a great read for adults in any language.



Ian, Hi,

In addition to my earlier comments about your book, your description of the chopper dogfight at the end was incredible. Your decimation of the helicopter occupants and its downage onto the poacher Omomdi – my brain felt like that whole scenario. I actually had to lie down because of the effect.

Have a great day,


OK HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOW!!! I’m just loving reading To Mara With Love! It’s so full of action that it’s like watching a movie! I want to learn how to write like that!